Tuesday, June 30, 2009

heap it up

helloooo, how is everyone?! hope all is well at your side of the world!

i'm going to get straight to the music, i present to you imogen heap. i realized that there are many people have heard of her, and many more who haven't! and the ones who have heard of her and her music are big fans. her music is the addictive kind, and for me i get very curious about the music, the sounds she uses. for you to see why, you must listen to the song "hide and seek". after i heard the song, i searched for its meaning. according to many websites, the song signifies a break up. after reading up and considering all the explanations i found, i agree. but its not a break up of lovers, atleast not JUST lovers, it could be the end of a relationship of any kind. sadness, anger, sarcasm, thoughts of wanting the relationship back, of discarding it for good; everything one feels at the end of the road, she says it perfectly in this song. i also found an interview where she says that she wasn't very happy that the world was loving this particular song which took her the least effort to make. imogen is known to use technology to her advantage, which she has done in "hide and seek". a song she wrote and recorded with just her voice; the outcome of technological interference brings a whole choir to your ears!

and The OC fans might recall the song from the season finale when marrissa shoots ryan's brother; they used the last part of the song, which seems so apt for that moment!

i can't get over how perfectly the emotions are expressed in her voice, the sound of the song, the thoughts that race through everytime one hears the song.

if hide and seek isn't your cup of tea, she has made more music to suit your ears; i'm sure!

i have been crushing on someone for the past month now, but its evident nothing is going to happen there. now, you must be wondering why i am discussing this, there's a reason; because, i can't stop chasing, even though i know the outcome isn't a happy one! and the song "good night and go" connects to how i feel :)

"why do you have to be so cute, its impossible to ignore you". a must listen song, makes you sing along and smile at the wonderful combination of sounds and lyrics.

"the walk" is a soft, fast song. i know i've said this before: her voice and the music and the lyrics makes you want to keep listening. the best part about this song is, its fast paced, but soothing in a way. its gets you to tap your feet and take notice.

she also collaborated with guy sigsworth and made more wonderful music, they were called "frou frou". they need a separate post for their music, but however, i'll include one song from frou frou called "let go". a beautiful song, her voice is so exquisite; the culmination of the voice with the music is heavenly (this song is one of my favourite for the music used, the equation of the piano soundswith the violin sounds are perfect). the lyrics make the song worth the listen! "so just let go, let go, there's beauty in break down"

one thing i have noticed about her music is that everyone i know, who knows she exists love her! you can't ignore her music, her lyrics, she puts heart into the music she makes!

More to hear:

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Flower Post 5


And as usual, I tend to be lazy.
No, no, my lovely readers, I have in fact been supremely busy with education. *vomit*

But now I'm back and I am so supremely excited to introduce this new artist! He's quite obscure and oh-so-flowery-fields like!

Introducing to you people: Citizen Cope.

Clarence Greenwood, who goes under the pseudonym Citizen Cope, is an American singer whose main genres are folk/blues. He's got a very unique and 'lazy' style of singing and more often than not, can make you swoon! (Definitely makes me swoon!!).

The very first song that I feel is an absolute necessity to introduce is a beautifully put, satirical song called Bullet and a Target. Words that make complete sense only because they're a reflection of what secretly goes on through our minds flow in this song.

Love songs are something Citizen Cope writes with a hint of irony and a very large dose of humor. While making you want to weep with joy, they make you want to laugh out loud only because they are so ridiculously brilliant. Combining talents with Carlos Santana can only give us brilliance like Sideways. A song with a light lilt and brilliant flow of words that force you to feel. Pablo Picasso (lyrics) is a song of (as expected) true love but so grounded in reality that you can completely relate to it. While it has nothing to do with the artist, it has everything to do with the art of loyalty and love.

Son's Gonna Rise is a catchy tune with a rhythmic beat and repetitive lyrics. It's the perfect tune to get you going and the perfect tune to get you moving.

And finally, my Beautifuls, I am going to end with a song that is specifically for you all. Nite Becomes Day is a tune that every one of us can relate to only because we think it and feel it. It's seductively alluring and brilliantly comical at the same time:

Things have been getting real heavy these days
The media the system
the people chasing pay
Somebody's got a rifle he won't turn the other cheek
Now its his turn

Things have been getting real hectic these days
An eye for an eye
A spade is a spade
They're shooting him down and he's running away
That was their turn

I believe in
The same thing that makes the night become day
Tide and the water
Sons and the daughters
Can't hide it can't fight it
I'm a say it again

It's the same thing that makes the moonlight
Meet up with the sunlight
Can't fight it can't buy it
Love... I'm a say it again

When cut deep the same blood we bleed
We're not immune to addiction or disease
Got violent deaths in our family trees
Now it's our turn

Things have been seeming real ready these days
From the North to the South to the East to the West
Happiness will you put it to your chest
When it's your turn

Closing this post makes my chest feel tight only because I can't find words to explain the brilliance that is this man. I certainly hope you all enjoy the music and please drop us a comment with an opinion!
We love feedback and we love you. =)

Peace and much love,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chuck the sixth

Wow. It feels like a lifetime since i last posted here. Feels like I've lived one anyway! :) Hope you'll aren't puffer fish like me who bloat up with all consuming rage when you encounter this crazy heat wave thingy. Its better now so I decided to update Trebby! :)

I was struggling with this because I had to choose between two really great artists but The Jayhawks won! This band is just great! Their sound is laidback and they're all about the music which is something I love!

The core members are Gary Louris and Mark Olsen. They've been around for quite a while now and they've evolved greatly from their country/bluegrass vein into something akin to alternative country rock I'd say :) There's something distinctive about them that I was drawn to. It could be anything from their simple lyrics to the...well different tone their voices take on together. Their earlier stuff (I'm gonna make you love me, Crowded in the wings, Settled down like rain) sound a bit Eddie Rabbit-ish to give you an idea.
Anyway check um out pwease! :) If you're not a fan of the typical bluegrassy sound I'd probably advise you to limit your listening to a few songs from their old albums and the ones listed below from their new album Ready for the Flood because it can get a bit dry. But anyway, we recommend songs not the entire discography so here are the ones i liked. Not all acoustic unusually..but what beats two guitars and simple percussion eh?

Blue (must must listen)
Bicycle (must listen)
Save it for a Rainy Day (Strangely Bharat Natyam is featured in this vid! hehe)
You look so young

Monday, March 2, 2009

musically inclined

Hi all!!
how's the summer treating you?? hope you aren't melting away into the heat! hope you have found some sultry love this year! :)

today i introduce to you cat power. she has been around for a long time, i can't believe i never came across her earlier. i have been in a some what sultry, romantic, silent mood. an appropriate song is remember me. her voice is SULTRY. inviting. romantic. beautiful. she plays the piano and it feels like time has stopped! yes, i am known to be a little exaggerating!

my favourite one is sea of love. i remember this so clearly now. while its playing. it was featured in juno. it is but amazing that i found this song during my search for treble notes! the song is so real, so captivating. i am moved to feel so many emotions all at once when i hear this song!

last but not the least i give to you the greatest. this is a perfect one to end the reign of cat power here! (also listen to i don't blame you)

if you like the songs on treble notes, this link turns the youtube link into mp3 format for your listening pleasure http://www.listentoyoutube.com/.

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This is for all the of our readers, come:
Lyrics: Sea of Love
Come with me
My love
To the sea
The sea of love

I wanna tell you
How much
I love you

Do you remember
When we met
That's the day
I knew you were mine

I wanna tell you
How much
I love you

Come with me
My love
To the sea
The sea of love

I wanna tell you
How much
I love you

Monday, February 23, 2009

Flower Post 4

Hi... *Looks sheepish*

I'M SORRY!! I've been a right lazy git and not been updating this beautiful blog but I'm going to get right down to it now.

In this time that I've taken a self-approved hiatus from Treble Notes, I have found some disgustingly awesome music for ya'll! Since we have to limit it to one artist a post to keep you guys coming back for more, today I will be introducing to you... Kimya Dawson!

Kimya Dawson is (in my opinion) the better half of the duet The Moldy Peaches. She is an American singer-songwriter who started recording songs in her home studio.

If you're familiar with the movie Juno, you will definitely be familiar with Kimya Dawson. The soundtracks of Juno are performed by The Moldy Peaches and Kimya Dawson individually.

Kimya Dawson is definitely a voice out of the ordinary. With a raw voice, simple tunes and catchy, almost revolutionary lyrics, Dawson helps bring out the child in a person, making her songs highly sing-along-able (if that's even a word... which its not).

The first song I am going to introduce is called My Rollercoaster. It's a beautiful, innocent song that everyone can relate to. It's catchy tune and brilliant lyrics make it a song that can be listened to on any occasion and at any time and anywhere!

Dawson uses references to childish activities in her music. In my opinion, these references usually make people giggle cause they're so brilliantly innovative. This next song is called Tire Swing. It's a sweet song, mainly about friendship and personal strength. A MUST listen.

Now, have you ever heard a song that has the most obscure title in comparison to the lyrics but at the same time, it makes absolute and complete sense after you've listened to the song for the third time? Loose Lips is one of those songs. The lyrics make you constantly contemplate so many various aspects of life. Simple things like taking a walk, meeting friends, laughing etc... and more heavy aspects of life like... Death. But even Death is put across lightly and in retrospect, making you understand the simplicities of friendship more directly.

And at last, but certainly not the least, we have my SUPER personal favorite - Nobody's Hippie. Oh, this song makes my heart ache only because it just makes SO much SENSE to me. I love it. The song is so beautiful. Describing love in its more innocent and raw form. With references to jealousy, heartache, longing and love, it is the most honest song I know.

And so we come to end of my post but I AM going to urge anyone who is reading this post to please check out Kimya Dawson's other songs.

She is brilliant.

Till later,
Peace and much love,

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chuck the fifth

Im not much of a techno person. Not at all. But recently, for reasons unknown to me, i have begun to relate to trance and its repetitive rhythm. Every time i happen to catch a snippet of it i imagine a smokey club and light head banging and droopy eye-lids and other things i don't want to waste time mentioning.

Well, Ladyhawke makes me feel that in a very watered down way. Also, its great to listen to when you're in a 'mood'. When you don't want to exactly concentrate but want some music in the background that can't distract you but just melds into the surrounding. Not abrasive, not distracting, great voice that goes with the arrangements she comes up with. Definitely worth your attention.

I'm listening to My Delirium as I'm writing this. Perfect writing companion! Also, I love the video(don't ask me how i can write and watch at the same time) . Its a watermark sort of video that features paintings by a certain lady. Ok, this is the third time i'm listening to it and its growing on me. FAVOURITED!

Two songs you should listen to/watch:

My Delirium

Paris is burning

By the way HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)
First post of the new year. yay!