Sunday, November 21, 2010

french connection

hi All,

hello, did you miss us? :P we have been away a long time, but we promise, this time we will update regularly :) today i bring to you a very talented french artist.

the first time i heard this artist, i was standing at work when the office was half empty, it was dinner time. my boss, Dave, handed me his ipod and said listen to this song. and suddenly the piano played loud enough to drown me into a surreal sound of calmness, and smiles :) i was tapping my foot, smiling and everyone did stare at me. :P

so here, i present Cœur de pirate, stage name for Béatrice Martin. she is one of those talented young ones that we are oh-so-very-jealous of.

the first song i heard, that made me smile away to glory, even though i have/had no idea what she was singing about was Comme des enfants. originally a pianist, her use of the piano in this song is just right, not too much, and not too little. her voice is soothing and you want to exploring her music. Dave also found me a remix of the same song, i think ill let you listen to that and let you form your opinion. personally i loved it, must listen remix.

another must listen track is Francis. her voice and the piano are like a couple in love, and that makes listening to her that much more enjoyable. and knowing me, i always prefer the live versions. this is where you can see her getting up close and personal with her music, her fingers dancing on the keyboard and she is adorable :)

Pour un infidèle features another beautiful voice of Julien Doré, the mix of his and her voice is perfect. its a fun song and the video is made in b/w, with a feel of the Beatles-madness of the crowd. must watch/listen.

here is the link to her website -

google translate should help :)

special thanks to David Oliver for introducing me to wonderful music. :)

thanku for spending time to read, link up and connect.
we would like to hear your thoughts, so drop us a few comments :)
-Princess S/Krissy/Kris/Kristofer

Monday, November 15, 2010

Flower Post 6

Ben Harper and Jack Johnson


.... Kill me not, for I love thee!

Yes, I have been away. 9 whole months, much to the chagrin of my fellow music-propagators, Shar and Kristofer.

Today, I am in a philosophical mood. No, not philosophical but more like, 'contentedly-satisfied-edly-heart-warmingly- toes tinglingly melancholic.' What does it all boil down to?
Warm symphonies and woebegone words.

Hence, today I am introducing a song. Not an artist, a song. A song by two song-writers/singers who are known; who steal hearts; who bridge gaps and yet, together, create magic that isn't known by many.

Presenting Jack Johnson and Ben Harper!

Put the warm-honeyed voice of Johnson and the ever-so-raw crooning of Harper and you have 'gorgeous' in a song -- Please Me Like You Want To. (Click to listen)

A song that flows not only through your heart but through your mind, body, soul... the jazz that people say love is made up of is not only intertwined within this song, it is intertwined between these men. Phenomenal artists in possession of thunderous talent come together to give a voice to all the aching and going-ons in those little, traitorous hearts of ours.

I always believed in the concept of believing in love... till I fell in love. I know I don't have to explain it any further...

... So, as yet another victim of this nearly supernatural emotion, I extend and share this song with you; allow it to vine it's way around your emotions, flow through your veins, wrap itself around your brain... and make your heart smile. =)

Don't do me any favors
matter of fact why don't you
do yourself a few

your presence ain't nobody's blessing
I've got plenty of other things
I could do

oh no, not another excuse
your tired silly games
for me are just no use

and now it's plain for me to see
you're with somebody
that you don't want to be

so won't you
please please me like you want to
not like you have to
or won't you just go on and leave me
leaving me is the least that you could do

you could have spared me
so much misery
and told me you just wanted
a friend

believe me there is a difference
when you mean it
and when you pretend

or was I just your habit
cause I know a habit
is a hard thing to break

but won't you spare me
a little mercy
there's only so much
so much that I can take

so won't you
please please me like you want to
not like you have to
or won't you just go on and leave me
leaving me is the least that you could do

We come to the end of yet another journey - at least that's how every post feels like. =) I hope this song took you to a far away place that probably only you know of. No one's asking questions, no one's asking where. ;)

I haven't said whatever it is I wanted to... But I know you know what I know and that makes me glow. =)

I hope you've loved, are loving and will love!

Peace and much love,

P.S. Future posts of these two phenomenal men! Wait for it. ;)