Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chuck the fifth

Im not much of a techno person. Not at all. But recently, for reasons unknown to me, i have begun to relate to trance and its repetitive rhythm. Every time i happen to catch a snippet of it i imagine a smokey club and light head banging and droopy eye-lids and other things i don't want to waste time mentioning.

Well, Ladyhawke makes me feel that in a very watered down way. Also, its great to listen to when you're in a 'mood'. When you don't want to exactly concentrate but want some music in the background that can't distract you but just melds into the surrounding. Not abrasive, not distracting, great voice that goes with the arrangements she comes up with. Definitely worth your attention.

I'm listening to My Delirium as I'm writing this. Perfect writing companion! Also, I love the video(don't ask me how i can write and watch at the same time) . Its a watermark sort of video that features paintings by a certain lady. Ok, this is the third time i'm listening to it and its growing on me. FAVOURITED!

Two songs you should listen to/watch:

My Delirium

Paris is burning

By the way HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)
First post of the new year. yay!

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