Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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hey faithful readers > if we have any :P

i know we been sort of irregular.
and we will be on a short break as our founder is away on a fantastic journey, i am sure she ll bring back music for your hearts.

until then, keep discovering, and we will be back soon.

here are two songs for you until then.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dual-ist Life

The first kiss, the first hint of that sound,
The kiss, the caress that lead me to a world of
Qualia, is an addiction.
The sudden surge and soar of sounds. Memories.
My hair tangled on the rocks of Gokarna,
The train journey to Bangalore.
The flu filled journey into Mumbai.
The joy of hugging someone I had met after 3 years.
The waves singing songs of temptation.
A moment, at a concert,
Eyes closed, heart beats.
The sheer joy of listening to the silence,
The silence after the cigarette has burned out.
The silence at a moment when all you can hear is the wind.
The music slips in and out of my stagnant mind.
The first kiss, the first hint of that sound,
The kiss, the caress that lead me to a world of
Qualia, is an addiction.
“The experience of happiness”, she says.
And I smile. I nod in agreement.
The laughter in the background,
The musical journey of it all.
And every moment, every word uttered,
Reminds me of so much.
“memories are like picture postcards
And the experience is actually being there.”
The kisses that my friends plant on my skin,
The first touch of my lover’s lips on mine,
The stranger who smiled at me at a red light on the street,
The smile I see on the faces of street vendors,
The dreams that make you sigh,
The trips that take you far, far, so far away.
The school teacher who hated you,
Who you grew to remember more.
“And when you look back tomorrow and wish it was today.
You can wish wish and wish away. Stare into space, wonder how it felt back then..
And smile.. because you remember.”
And I nod and hold on to a breath and I am calm again,
I remember again. How it felt to cry, to laugh, to kiss and hug and touch.
To smile and receive a smile in return,
To just be. To just let the world hold you in Her arms.
“Id been trying to believe for so long”
The so of it all. The sound of the sounds.
The joy of asking questions,
The laughter of nothingness,
The memory lapses,
And the surge of it all.
“Asking upside down questions
Getting inside out answers”
The first kiss, the first hint of that sound,
The kiss, the caress that lead me to a world of
Qualia, is an addiction.
And suddenly everything drowns,
And memories of the spark remain,
And its over…
Here fair readers, we have a Delhi boy who has taken over most of my day.
The sound of the music makes it all easy to get through today.

Name: Dualist Inquiry, the only member currently is Sahej Bakshi

Here is a link to the two songs that inspired the lines above:

Orbital (Dualism EP)

Qualia (Spoken edit feat. Shaa'ir) (Dualism EP Bonus track)

Also a video that’s really nice :)


I hear that his live acts are really good. So if you hear about this boy, please make reservations and head there!
thank you for stopping by!
loads of love,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flower Post 8

I started watching a movie called The Romantics around 11:42 P.M on what was supposed to be an exciting Saturday night. The script was morbid, forced artsy, the ending unclear. I was quite prepared to die of either boredom or frustration when I heard the beginning riffs to a song that would send me into a frenzy within the next 2 minutes for what I'm sure is going to be the rest of my life. 

Today, I introduce to you sexuality, talent, melody and Lorene Scafaria. When I first heard  Scafaria, to say I was mesmerized would be a gross understatement. An artist who combines satirical humor, love, defiance, melody and sensuality into her music, she brings an edge that surpasses rational thinking. 

I am going to introduce two songs and move away from what is my norm by not only posting the link to the respective songs but also the entire lyrics. A seamstress when it comes to words, this is one artist who sews the feelings of empathy and beauty together effortlessly and with copious amounts of talent. 

So without much ado, I introduce the first of two, a song that we can all relate to: We Can't Be Friends

I wanna pick you up, I don't care what time
I wanna drive real fast to some place in town;
I wanna stress you out;
I wanna make things hard;
I wanna take your hand;
I wanna leave this bar;
I wanna wake you up on a driving train
that led it's tracks down inside my brain

I wanna hear your band;
I wanna give it advice;
I wanna meet your girlfriend, she sounds nice;
I wanna take you home;
I wanna feel my age;
I wanna freak you out on a different stage;
I wanna show my teeth;
I wanna keep you fed;
I wanna get you drunk and let it go to your head

so i guess this means we can't be friends

I wanna be unique;
I wanna be your kind;
I wanna make you hate me then change your mind;
I wanna wear a skirt;
I wanna make mistakes;
I wanna kill you first then take your name;
I wanna tear you apart;
I wanna make your bed;
I wanna break your heart;
I wanna break your head

so i guess this means we can't be friends

The second song is one that never fails to make me laugh out loud. Addressing the 'taboo' subject of a woman's personal exploration of her sexuality, this song is riddled with humor, sarcasm, honesty and of course, symphony. Hence, as many people used and still do, say: Girls Aren't Supposed To  

Its almost dawn
I cant go home
Well maybe you could try to turn me on

You climb on top leave on your shirt
You move inside and ask me if that hurts

But I swear I didn't feel a thing
You say you never do at first

Now don't you be put off to hear
I went ahead and tried it once again

This time ill make it mine and wont stop until I like the sound of it
And if you should hear the cries and calls through the thinnest of the walls
Don't you get yourself so blue its just the sound of me getting over you

Other girls weren't supposed to like it
Lately I do
Other girls weren't supposed to like it
Maybe its true
Other girls weren't supposed to like it
Maybe its you

My ears my cheeks my neck my hair
That lonely spot that never found you there
Your eyes were on the bouncing ball
The slightest move could only make it fall

But I cant believe the way his hands are finding things not drawn on maps
And the way he looked me in the eyes I have to say I was a bit surprised

Other girls weren't supposed to like it
Lately I do
Other girls weren't supposed to like it
Maybe its true
Other girls weren't supposed to like it
Maybe its you

Thought the wood was dry
Thought the pipes were rusted
Thought something else but I didn't write that lyric
And I thought I loved you but I guess I can't be trusted

The worm has turned and what its learned its sad to say no longer your concern
Theres someone else who treats me kind and doesn't only love me from behind

But even that is better too
I think hes got an inch on you
It took way too long to see
my hand is even better company

Other girls weren't supposed to like it
Lately I do
Other girls weren't supposed to like
Maybe its true
Other girls weren't supposed to like it
Maybe its you.

And so we come to the end of yet another adventure, one with an artist I am quite passionate about. I know I've taken too long to embark on this one but I feel it's worth.

We hope to have you coming around often. :)

Peace and much love,
- Tups 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweet Sweet Vandalism!

Nope, I haven't turned crook since the last time I posted (despite a short stint at the police station), and neither have I fallen head-over-heels for a rugged, manly petty thief (my straight-laced boyfriend probably wouldn't like that very much), but what has got me in a spin is some good old funk from The Sweet Vandals. They're a vintage funk band from Madrid (MADRID!) and their vocalist has a voice that I'm sure has been tempered with honey and razors! There's a fine line between constantly sounding like you're bootlegging it, and actually being phat enough to pull off the genre effortlessly. My only qualm is that they haven't added anything original to it, but let's be honest: what could you possibly do to make funk better?

Let me get straight to the reccos!

First on the list is my absolute favourite; it's been effectively ravishing all machines of mine that could possibly play music (and some that can't, but what the hey?!). Here's:

I Got You, Man

Another favourite of mine is:

Thank You For You


This one immediately takes me to high speed chases (on foot) featuring bedazzled cops with great weaves and grungy criminals in jumpsuits and platform boots. Have a listen!


And the last one I'm gonna throw at you. No puns intended, but it's beautiful:


Hope you enjoyed this latest instalment of Treble Notes and be a bunch of dears and check out Kris' brilliant post before mine!




Saturday, May 7, 2011

And i will fall on my knees

So it HAS been a while again.

I found a voice powerful enough to make the wait worthwhile. One song sung and I am floored.

Elisabeth Maurus AKA Lissie

I think her songs are simple yet – yet – make you want to “fall on your knees”.

Song 1 – Everywhere I go

What I love most, is the way she performs, every part of her is in the music, in the words she is singing. This is more an acoustic version of the same song, but when you watch her, it makes you stare and smile. And she is on a street, playing, singing, being.

Listen closely, you can hear a four beat tap. Sounds familiar? I always do that when I play, and when I love what I am playing.

Another version of this featuring Ellie Goulding– LIVE – always great.

Song 2 – When I am Alone

I love the way this song starts.
And this video proves, watching her perform is stare-worthy.
Click here for the LIVE version


Little Lovin'
Morgan Page (feat. Lissie) - The Longest Road
Stair way to Heaven cover
Bad Romance

I have had fun discovering her music. Her voice is strong, her music simple, her performance soulful and real.
What more do you need?
“Angels will follow me now
Everywhere i go”

Monday, February 28, 2011

Flower Post 7


No, not going to bother apologizing because as Shar so accurately put it - "If our blog were the Sahara, our posts are like oases - few and far between but definitely worth trudging through blistering, parched heat for."

I've been procrastinating and in the time that I have been doing so, I myself have traveled to the well-worn beaches of the beauty that is Gokarna, India. On this particular trip, within the lovely company and beautiful scenery, I would whip out my headphones and listen to the band that I am going to introduce today - A medley of tunes, techniques and sounds that transcends all urban genres.

Presenting to you, a duo that is slowly climbing up the musical ladder, PANTyRAiD.

A fabulously banging band formed by Martin Folb ("a.k.a MartyParty") and Josh Mayer ("a.k.a Ooah"). Crossing over various genres and combining the flavors of HipHop, HeavyBass, DubStep and IDM and combining them together with their key ingredients of "love and crunk", PANTyRAiD brings in a heart-stopping, soul-pumping twist to urban music. As they accurately and wildly put it in definition of themselves - "PANTyRAiD - Audio Fondling Your Girlfriend."

Every track transcends into a different melody that mesh together to create not just 'another head-bopping' tune but a work of pure musical genius. The first song that caught my attention and remains my all time favorite is the sweetly flowing Beba. A fabulous work of art that won't just make you move but will probably cause your heart to shoot straight down and back up again with every lift in beat and symphony.

Giving a definition to each song would be redundant in comparison to the experience of actually listening to them hence, I shall link you to my next 4 top selections and hope you take the initiative to explore, discover and rediscover the fabulousness of PANTyRAiD. (click to view Artist website)

In effect, there isn't even one of the those songs that doesn't make me feel some sort of joy or doesn't make my heart skip a beat.

This brings me to the end of yet another fabulous post - a personal favorite of mine. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as the previous ones.

Peace and much love,