Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chuck the sixth

Wow. It feels like a lifetime since i last posted here. Feels like I've lived one anyway! :) Hope you'll aren't puffer fish like me who bloat up with all consuming rage when you encounter this crazy heat wave thingy. Its better now so I decided to update Trebby! :)

I was struggling with this because I had to choose between two really great artists but The Jayhawks won! This band is just great! Their sound is laidback and they're all about the music which is something I love!

The core members are Gary Louris and Mark Olsen. They've been around for quite a while now and they've evolved greatly from their country/bluegrass vein into something akin to alternative country rock I'd say :) There's something distinctive about them that I was drawn to. It could be anything from their simple lyrics to the...well different tone their voices take on together. Their earlier stuff (I'm gonna make you love me, Crowded in the wings, Settled down like rain) sound a bit Eddie Rabbit-ish to give you an idea.
Anyway check um out pwease! :) If you're not a fan of the typical bluegrassy sound I'd probably advise you to limit your listening to a few songs from their old albums and the ones listed below from their new album Ready for the Flood because it can get a bit dry. But anyway, we recommend songs not the entire discography so here are the ones i liked. Not all acoustic unusually..but what beats two guitars and simple percussion eh?

Blue (must must listen)
Bicycle (must listen)
Save it for a Rainy Day (Strangely Bharat Natyam is featured in this vid! hehe)
You look so young


Princess S / Kishmish said...

shar bear, i love this i really do! u have to make me a cd with this music.. and noops, u too

Princess S / Kishmish said...

sooo much rain :) i like it i like