Tuesday, June 30, 2009

heap it up

helloooo, how is everyone?! hope all is well at your side of the world!

i'm going to get straight to the music, i present to you imogen heap. i realized that there are many people have heard of her, and many more who haven't! and the ones who have heard of her and her music are big fans. her music is the addictive kind, and for me i get very curious about the music, the sounds she uses. for you to see why, you must listen to the song "hide and seek". after i heard the song, i searched for its meaning. according to many websites, the song signifies a break up. after reading up and considering all the explanations i found, i agree. but its not a break up of lovers, atleast not JUST lovers, it could be the end of a relationship of any kind. sadness, anger, sarcasm, thoughts of wanting the relationship back, of discarding it for good; everything one feels at the end of the road, she says it perfectly in this song. i also found an interview where she says that she wasn't very happy that the world was loving this particular song which took her the least effort to make. imogen is known to use technology to her advantage, which she has done in "hide and seek". a song she wrote and recorded with just her voice; the outcome of technological interference brings a whole choir to your ears!

and The OC fans might recall the song from the season finale when marrissa shoots ryan's brother; they used the last part of the song, which seems so apt for that moment!

i can't get over how perfectly the emotions are expressed in her voice, the sound of the song, the thoughts that race through everytime one hears the song.

if hide and seek isn't your cup of tea, she has made more music to suit your ears; i'm sure!

i have been crushing on someone for the past month now, but its evident nothing is going to happen there. now, you must be wondering why i am discussing this, there's a reason; because, i can't stop chasing, even though i know the outcome isn't a happy one! and the song "good night and go" connects to how i feel :)

"why do you have to be so cute, its impossible to ignore you". a must listen song, makes you sing along and smile at the wonderful combination of sounds and lyrics.

"the walk" is a soft, fast song. i know i've said this before: her voice and the music and the lyrics makes you want to keep listening. the best part about this song is, its fast paced, but soothing in a way. its gets you to tap your feet and take notice.

she also collaborated with guy sigsworth and made more wonderful music, they were called "frou frou". they need a separate post for their music, but however, i'll include one song from frou frou called "let go". a beautiful song, her voice is so exquisite; the culmination of the voice with the music is heavenly (this song is one of my favourite for the music used, the equation of the piano soundswith the violin sounds are perfect). the lyrics make the song worth the listen! "so just let go, let go, there's beauty in break down"

one thing i have noticed about her music is that everyone i know, who knows she exists love her! you can't ignore her music, her lyrics, she puts heart into the music she makes!

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