Monday, February 23, 2009

Flower Post 4

Hi... *Looks sheepish*

I'M SORRY!! I've been a right lazy git and not been updating this beautiful blog but I'm going to get right down to it now.

In this time that I've taken a self-approved hiatus from Treble Notes, I have found some disgustingly awesome music for ya'll! Since we have to limit it to one artist a post to keep you guys coming back for more, today I will be introducing to you... Kimya Dawson!

Kimya Dawson is (in my opinion) the better half of the duet The Moldy Peaches. She is an American singer-songwriter who started recording songs in her home studio.

If you're familiar with the movie Juno, you will definitely be familiar with Kimya Dawson. The soundtracks of Juno are performed by The Moldy Peaches and Kimya Dawson individually.

Kimya Dawson is definitely a voice out of the ordinary. With a raw voice, simple tunes and catchy, almost revolutionary lyrics, Dawson helps bring out the child in a person, making her songs highly sing-along-able (if that's even a word... which its not).

The first song I am going to introduce is called My Rollercoaster. It's a beautiful, innocent song that everyone can relate to. It's catchy tune and brilliant lyrics make it a song that can be listened to on any occasion and at any time and anywhere!

Dawson uses references to childish activities in her music. In my opinion, these references usually make people giggle cause they're so brilliantly innovative. This next song is called Tire Swing. It's a sweet song, mainly about friendship and personal strength. A MUST listen.

Now, have you ever heard a song that has the most obscure title in comparison to the lyrics but at the same time, it makes absolute and complete sense after you've listened to the song for the third time? Loose Lips is one of those songs. The lyrics make you constantly contemplate so many various aspects of life. Simple things like taking a walk, meeting friends, laughing etc... and more heavy aspects of life like... Death. But even Death is put across lightly and in retrospect, making you understand the simplicities of friendship more directly.

And at last, but certainly not the least, we have my SUPER personal favorite - Nobody's Hippie. Oh, this song makes my heart ache only because it just makes SO much SENSE to me. I love it. The song is so beautiful. Describing love in its more innocent and raw form. With references to jealousy, heartache, longing and love, it is the most honest song I know.

And so we come to end of my post but I AM going to urge anyone who is reading this post to please check out Kimya Dawson's other songs.

She is brilliant.

Till later,
Peace and much love,

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