Thursday, June 18, 2009

Flower Post 5


And as usual, I tend to be lazy.
No, no, my lovely readers, I have in fact been supremely busy with education. *vomit*

But now I'm back and I am so supremely excited to introduce this new artist! He's quite obscure and oh-so-flowery-fields like!

Introducing to you people: Citizen Cope.

Clarence Greenwood, who goes under the pseudonym Citizen Cope, is an American singer whose main genres are folk/blues. He's got a very unique and 'lazy' style of singing and more often than not, can make you swoon! (Definitely makes me swoon!!).

The very first song that I feel is an absolute necessity to introduce is a beautifully put, satirical song called Bullet and a Target. Words that make complete sense only because they're a reflection of what secretly goes on through our minds flow in this song.

Love songs are something Citizen Cope writes with a hint of irony and a very large dose of humor. While making you want to weep with joy, they make you want to laugh out loud only because they are so ridiculously brilliant. Combining talents with Carlos Santana can only give us brilliance like Sideways. A song with a light lilt and brilliant flow of words that force you to feel. Pablo Picasso (lyrics) is a song of (as expected) true love but so grounded in reality that you can completely relate to it. While it has nothing to do with the artist, it has everything to do with the art of loyalty and love.

Son's Gonna Rise is a catchy tune with a rhythmic beat and repetitive lyrics. It's the perfect tune to get you going and the perfect tune to get you moving.

And finally, my Beautifuls, I am going to end with a song that is specifically for you all. Nite Becomes Day is a tune that every one of us can relate to only because we think it and feel it. It's seductively alluring and brilliantly comical at the same time:

Things have been getting real heavy these days
The media the system
the people chasing pay
Somebody's got a rifle he won't turn the other cheek
Now its his turn

Things have been getting real hectic these days
An eye for an eye
A spade is a spade
They're shooting him down and he's running away
That was their turn

I believe in
The same thing that makes the night become day
Tide and the water
Sons and the daughters
Can't hide it can't fight it
I'm a say it again

It's the same thing that makes the moonlight
Meet up with the sunlight
Can't fight it can't buy it
Love... I'm a say it again

When cut deep the same blood we bleed
We're not immune to addiction or disease
Got violent deaths in our family trees
Now it's our turn

Things have been seeming real ready these days
From the North to the South to the East to the West
Happiness will you put it to your chest
When it's your turn

Closing this post makes my chest feel tight only because I can't find words to explain the brilliance that is this man. I certainly hope you all enjoy the music and please drop us a comment with an opinion!
We love feedback and we love you. =)

Peace and much love,


Wickedcookie said...

I love love love him! heehehee! (yes i jus whinnied. Don't ask) I have heard Bullet and a Target about twelve times so far and i am NOT bored! good job yo!

Princess S / Kishmish said...

duuude, sideways is my fav!