Friday, September 12, 2008

Flower Post 1

Hey, you happy people,

That's quite an odd title, I know... but hey! It makes things happy.

So I'm going to get straight to the point ---> Music, in my opinion, makes the world go round; and I am going to try contributing as much as I can.
Since Shar, Kristofer and myself, all have our own preferences of genres, there's going to be a vast variety to choose from over here; many tunes to whistle and many melodies to dance to!

I'm going to introduce you to a song from a 1962 french movie called "Jules et Jim" (Jules and Jim). The movie is about two friends (Jules and Jim) who fall in love with the same woman, Catherine.

Now this song is sung by the actress who plays Catherine, Jeanne Moreau. With a light lilt to her voice, Moreau brings out simplicity AND emotion in this song. The tenor of her voice is just gorgeous.

And the name of the song is.....
"Le Tourbillon de la Vie." (The Whirlpool of Life)
The song is sung from a perspective of a man who falls in love with a beautiful woman. They get seprated and live their lives in thought of each other. One day, they are reunited and wonder why they must go on without each other and then decide to spend the rest of their days together.

Very common plot, I know! But the tone and tune of this song will definitely tug at your heartstrings... even if you're not a hopeless romantic!

It might take a little getting used to but it's definitely worth being listened to on repeat.

For lyrics and translation, click here. (Scroll all the way down for translations)
I suggest listening to the song without reading the lyrics first. The tune and the language can be appreciated without understanding the song's meaning! =)

I hope you all liked this song!
Also, the movie is a must see!

Peace and much love


Sharanya said...

Happy people indeed! :)
Tups' first post on ze blawg! Yeh bebeh!
I heard the song and its so cute! makes me want to skip. And i am not the type to skip. What have yeh done to me tups?
And the video! :) The man witht eh eyebrows is particularly amusing. :D

Tups said...

its the original video from the movie! Ack!
The movie was on tonight at 11 on World Movies.

Chaggoholic.... said...

Will surely check it out madam....