Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chuck the Roman Numerals!

First a few details about the blog and its contributing members.

Me!: Well, yuh knows me. I had another blog and was putting up too much music stuff there so thought i'd start a new blog and blah blah blah blah blah. To give you a rough idea of what my choices will be like; I have eclectic taste in music. I could skip from cheesy pop(yes), to indie to afro punk to gothic bass driven melodies and so forth. Though I think i'll always be into indie music. And i can tell you that most of my links will inevitably lead to an acoustic version of a song.

I got off to a good start on the blog but knew there was something missing until i realized that i hadn't asked the most compulsive blogger and most deeply music loving music lover i know-KRISTOFER-to join the blog as a contributing member! And so...

Kristofer!: She has a beautiful take on music. You could pretty much make her listen to anything and she'll appreciate it in a way that you never could. Great great taste in music as far as mainstream is concerned. Manages to weed out the crap and love a song for what it really is. (Umburella!) Unlike me, she can dig the greatness of instrumentals and so you'll have that side of music from her. So kris will divert her attention from her other blog to contribute here!

And the last but not even in the vicinity of the least member is:

Tups!: She has the most wholesome view of music. She's trademark hippie in some ways and is in love with the flower era more than i could possibly be! She could know the most obscure Joplin song and love it and convince you to love it as well! We like the same music occasionally and this is a cause to celebrate. Tups is also the most passionate music-lover between the three of us methinks. So when tups isn't busy with her thoughts she'll be here! :)

Anything more to add guys? Well, do it on your own time!

Now for the musica! My pick for now is POP all the way!

Those Dancing Days!

A tween pop band from Sweden. You really can't avoid getting a complex when you see these girls. So young and so talented. Well, you can't see the full range of their talent for now but considering their average age is about seventeen and they're making music, lets give em a break yes?
Two songs that are released as of now with an album due out in September.

Hitten (I think this is the better of the two songs!)
Run Run

The songs are real light and breezy and have a tinge of the eighties in them, the percussion is very synthetic and the synthesizer is pretty dominant throughout. I recommend them to anyone who likes stuff from the eighties. Also, the singer has a beautiful deep voice uncharacteristic for a young girl.
I love the videos of both the songs! Strange techniques and very unusual camera angles. Even if you don't like the songs you will like the videos! :)
Give em a listen for sure and temme watcha think!!


Tups said...

Welcome aboard to me! Welcome aboard to me!

Sharanya said...

Ahoy mehearty! :)

Tups said...

I LOVE them!!
Oh my GOD!
My new favorite band!

Princess S/Kishmish said...

i like both :)
nice ones :)

Sharanya said...

yay! :)
These are the only two ones i liked of theirs frankly speaking...too bad...nice ensemble though..