Monday, September 8, 2008

day 1

hello fair readers and music freaks!
i am the newly assigned contributor to Treble Notes :)

i am gonna break her confusing roman numericals and weeks and just stick to days! :)

i have this habit of taking an artist and looking past all the famous "singles"; through this method of search i have found some memorable musical nirvana. and then there's always a friendly nudge in the mail to make me look at some new and interesting music.

today, i am going to introduce you to Paolo Nutini. you must remember him from the new Puma ad with him performing his song "new shoes", which is really catchy by the way. he has survived for three years with just one album to his name: "these streets", released in 2006!
the song "rewind" from the same album was part of the soundtrack of "PS I Love You"

all the romantics reading this will also remember his song "last request", which is also a favourite of mine. his voice screams out sadness and a real heart felt request :)

<drum roll>
now to the song i wanted to introduce: "tumbling down" (for now i found the lyrics for you, but no video or a place to listen. i can mail it to you if you'd like :) )
the acoustic sound of the song is absolutely amazing, it gives the song, the lyrics a great feel. i am not as expressive as shar, but my ear will listen to this song even if it is on repeat for a hundred times. PN has a very soothing voice and a great accent. really cute also :)

and "autumn leaves", a considerably more famous. soft and beautiful, his voice makes it easy.

this has most of his songs for listening :)

thanku for spending time to read, link up and connect.
we would like to hear your thoughts, so drop us a few comments :)
-Princess S


Stacy said...

Paolo is great! You can listen to an audio of Tumbling Down on
You Tube. It was done several years ago
and his voice has changed.

Take a listen.

Tups said...

Nutini makes my feel all tingly.

Also, Shar, if you're interested in french music, I got a great song to contribute to Treble Notes from a BRILLIANT movie called Jules et Jim.

I like this blog.

Princess S/Kishmish said...

thanks stacy :)will look up u tube..

and GG pester her into adding you also :P :) i do not have admin rights yet :)

Muddled Mind said...

I love New Shoes..addicted to morning song :) gotta listen to the rest..thanks and welcome!
Oh and thanks for removing those wretched Roman numerals..I was starting to wonder how Shar was gonna keep up with

Sharanya said...

The roman numerals have left! Yay! Trust Kristofer to break that crap cycle...
New shoes!! Yay!! Loved it! I watch the ad obsessively!
This blog is taking off! Wu-hoo!

Chaggoholic.... said...

Hey thnx for this.I was so lookin for it....

Princess S/Kishmish said...

@ muddled mind

thanku :)

roman numericals are out :)
thank the lords of rome!
(really?! i crack myself up, how did come up with that?!! :) )

Sharanya said...

All this hating on the roman numerals...why i ask you? was not the roman empire one of the most powerful ever?
but anyway this is the last i speak of this now...

Muddled Mind said...

lol....the lords of rome...
And Shar I know ur love for Italy is larger than the roman empire itself! But u gotta admit..their numeral system sucked!!

Wickedcookie said...

It did! :(
No matter...its old news now..:P