Monday, September 29, 2008

Chuck the Second

I hope you'll like the title i have come up with. On the spot. Please like it. Thinking about thinking of another makes me tired. In the (slightly altered) words of PCD..."I'ma stick with iiitttt!"
So...on to the latest song for Treble Notes...Someone new! At least to me! A new love!
His name is Brett Dennen and he's the next big thing in the folk rock scene I ( and a LOT of other people) think! He bolwed me over completely! His voice is a little on the reedier side than i usually prefer but he just makes up for it in every other way....AWESOMENESS includes:
Guitaring skills
A funky accent
The first song that I shall recommended is called She's Mine. And its pretty darn awesome(all other adjectives fail at this point). Its an acoustic as usual..
Check out his other being Ain't No Reason(for the lyrics!) Very very cool!
Ain't No Reason is the better song in every way but She's Mine is catchier and has an awesome base riff that just repeats throughout the song-simple n sweet.
More than anything else, i love how this guy looks at the world around us and critiques what goes on in it in the most humble way possible. He writes a bit like Mayer or Jack Johnson but his stuff is tinged with a tad more social concern.
Another song is Blessed...i LOVE the beginning of this song. Upbeat!
And i also have another video which is live and raw, on a beach somewhere in SF or was it California...Doesn't matter. Here, its John Butler (Awesome musician also. Shall devote whole post to him another time) and Brett Dennen performing Come Together.
Enjoy! And comment :)


Princess S/Kishmish said...


like it :) nice sound :)

takes a while to appreciate :) took me a while to follow his drift, and its good stuff :)

Princess S/Kishmish said...

i like blessed :)

Sharanya said...

goodie! :)
and honey bunny of mine...its TURN-WISE! Wait till after tups please! :)