Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweet Sweet Vandalism!

Nope, I haven't turned crook since the last time I posted (despite a short stint at the police station), and neither have I fallen head-over-heels for a rugged, manly petty thief (my straight-laced boyfriend probably wouldn't like that very much), but what has got me in a spin is some good old funk from The Sweet Vandals. They're a vintage funk band from Madrid (MADRID!) and their vocalist has a voice that I'm sure has been tempered with honey and razors! There's a fine line between constantly sounding like you're bootlegging it, and actually being phat enough to pull off the genre effortlessly. My only qualm is that they haven't added anything original to it, but let's be honest: what could you possibly do to make funk better?

Let me get straight to the reccos!

First on the list is my absolute favourite; it's been effectively ravishing all machines of mine that could possibly play music (and some that can't, but what the hey?!). Here's:

I Got You, Man

Another favourite of mine is:

Thank You For You


This one immediately takes me to high speed chases (on foot) featuring bedazzled cops with great weaves and grungy criminals in jumpsuits and platform boots. Have a listen!


And the last one I'm gonna throw at you. No puns intended, but it's beautiful:


Hope you enjoyed this latest instalment of Treble Notes and be a bunch of dears and check out Kris' brilliant post before mine!




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