Monday, February 28, 2011

Flower Post 7


No, not going to bother apologizing because as Shar so accurately put it - "If our blog were the Sahara, our posts are like oases - few and far between but definitely worth trudging through blistering, parched heat for."

I've been procrastinating and in the time that I have been doing so, I myself have traveled to the well-worn beaches of the beauty that is Gokarna, India. On this particular trip, within the lovely company and beautiful scenery, I would whip out my headphones and listen to the band that I am going to introduce today - A medley of tunes, techniques and sounds that transcends all urban genres.

Presenting to you, a duo that is slowly climbing up the musical ladder, PANTyRAiD.

A fabulously banging band formed by Martin Folb ("a.k.a MartyParty") and Josh Mayer ("a.k.a Ooah"). Crossing over various genres and combining the flavors of HipHop, HeavyBass, DubStep and IDM and combining them together with their key ingredients of "love and crunk", PANTyRAiD brings in a heart-stopping, soul-pumping twist to urban music. As they accurately and wildly put it in definition of themselves - "PANTyRAiD - Audio Fondling Your Girlfriend."

Every track transcends into a different melody that mesh together to create not just 'another head-bopping' tune but a work of pure musical genius. The first song that caught my attention and remains my all time favorite is the sweetly flowing Beba. A fabulous work of art that won't just make you move but will probably cause your heart to shoot straight down and back up again with every lift in beat and symphony.

Giving a definition to each song would be redundant in comparison to the experience of actually listening to them hence, I shall link you to my next 4 top selections and hope you take the initiative to explore, discover and rediscover the fabulousness of PANTyRAiD. (click to view Artist website)

In effect, there isn't even one of the those songs that doesn't make me feel some sort of joy or doesn't make my heart skip a beat.

This brings me to the end of yet another fabulous post - a personal favorite of mine. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as the previous ones.

Peace and much love,

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