Saturday, May 7, 2011

And i will fall on my knees

So it HAS been a while again.

I found a voice powerful enough to make the wait worthwhile. One song sung and I am floored.

Elisabeth Maurus AKA Lissie

I think her songs are simple yet – yet – make you want to “fall on your knees”.

Song 1 – Everywhere I go

What I love most, is the way she performs, every part of her is in the music, in the words she is singing. This is more an acoustic version of the same song, but when you watch her, it makes you stare and smile. And she is on a street, playing, singing, being.

Listen closely, you can hear a four beat tap. Sounds familiar? I always do that when I play, and when I love what I am playing.

Another version of this featuring Ellie Goulding– LIVE – always great.

Song 2 – When I am Alone

I love the way this song starts.
And this video proves, watching her perform is stare-worthy.
Click here for the LIVE version


Little Lovin'
Morgan Page (feat. Lissie) - The Longest Road
Stair way to Heaven cover
Bad Romance

I have had fun discovering her music. Her voice is strong, her music simple, her performance soulful and real.
What more do you need?
“Angels will follow me now
Everywhere i go”

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AG said...

Thank you for introducing Lissie to us. Loved the street version of 'Everywhere I Go', and 'When I'm Alone'. Amazing voice.

I saw a sidelink to her cover of Nothing Else Matters ( This track is special to me, and I was curious to see how she'd do this. Most covers I've seen are so-so to bleh, but I loved how her band performed this.. [two thumbs up].

I'd like to share a song I've been listening to recently - I first heard it on a car ride 2 or 3 weeks ago. You'd probably know this one.. 'Little Waltz' by Basia Bulat ( I love her voice and how the guitar complements her. Live version -

Thank you again, and keep posting. :-)