Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Flower Post 9

Are you familiar with those random moments when the sky is really blue and you're probably on the way to work or to meet a friend, and all of a sudden, you feel like smiling because you're just so content with your life? 

That exact feeling is my artist of the week: Bodhi Jones - singer, songwriter and busking artist from Canada. It's a funny story, this one. When we started this blog, we wanted to introduce artists that had never been discovered but had raw talent that could not be ignored. I remember stumbling across Bodhi Jones about 2 years ago. I do not recall how, but do remember waiting for my turn to introduce him to you and Treble Notes. Thanks to Twitter, I've had the chance to rediscover him. 

I've realized that the music you listen to might remain the same but your perception of every song changes with the path your life takes. Which is why this particular artist has been on my playlist, consistently, for the last 2 months. While his voice is raw meets polished, his lyrics are soul hitting and honest. I personally find Bodhi's composition quite unique but if I was forced to compare, I'd say I definitely find a touch of Amos Lee - another one of my most treasured artists.  

I've been listening to two songs, consistently. 

The first of the two is my personal favorite (partiality? :)): 

The second one makes me smile every time it starts playing (like right now). 

We're at the end of yet another post and I hope you enjoy the music we bring you. As you can see, Shar has started our trend of introducing Indian music artists, which will be a recurring occurrence on our blog. Kris is up next and I'm sure she's going to open whole new doors for you with her latest find. 

Peace and much love,
-Noops (Tups) 

P.S - You can follow Bodhi Jones on Twitter here:!/bodhijones and check out his Youtube page here:

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