Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fake French

My "colleagues" have apologized enough about our shameful absence. So let me just say this,

If our blog were the sahara, our posts are like oases - few and far between but definitely worth trudging through blistering, parching heat for.

That said, here's the song I'm putting up!

La Tigre - Fake French

To answer a lingering question (which to me is like an elephant in the room) we are not being lazy. We're introducing songs because we like um.

Okay, so back to Fake French. Awesome awesome song by an average post-punk (to me), all-female, electroclash feminist band. I've had a listen to their album and as much as I'd like to say they were the find of this year...we'll they're not...but they're musicians with a cause and I like that about them. It's not all clashing symbals, making noise and screaming about insecurity; it makes them about something more. (Not to diss the bands who somewhat fit into that categorisation.)

Fake French is one of those songs that you either like or you don't. I would rather just leave the description to that and usher you to the link below, but I feel I owe the song a little more considering people may just read my lukewarm sentiment and move on to something else, short attention spans that we nurture these days. If you listen to the song and then go check the
lyrics out, you'd be surprised (Read: I'd like you to be surprised). The bassline on this one has me from the get go. My shoulder start moving in imitation of some dance move I didn't know I knew! But more importantly, the juxtaposition of the mellow rhythm with the clearly strong lyric makes it feel like a little package wrapped up nice and pretty! I haven't taken a shine to any of their other songs because this one kind of built the band up a tad too much.

Anyway, that's all I'm going to say. Go listen! Enjoy! And come back for more; we promise we'll be good little bloggers. :)

(Image: Courtesy >D)


Vibin said...

kickass research!! :)

Wickedcookie said...

Aw! Thanks Bibins! I may have seen this before but my poor memory serves me in good stead in cases when recycling old compliments and reacting to them as though they're brand new. (phew!)