Friday, January 29, 2010

Chuck the Seventh

Yes, I've been bad.
Yes, I've been so utterly caught up in the business that has come to define my life that I have neglected to really do ANYTHING constructive.
You know how it is.

Actually I may find it a tad difficult to be passionate about this little lady because the phase is up. I have deleted all her songs off my phone, stopped humming them every single second of the day and have quite frankly stopped liking her. Why put her stuff up here then, you ask? Well, in someone's universe she is still awesome and why, oh why, would I deprive you of some really good songwriting?!

Anyway, Laura Marling is this incredibly young (read, she is younger than I. Born in the nineties, ferchrissake!) singer, songwriter from Hampshire, England. Her lyrics are just really simple and they're absurd in places but that just adds to their appeal. Plus her voice has just the right androgeny to it that you're taken by it. I was VERY excited indeed that I was going to see her live here in Bangalore and tottered off to Kyra all excited. And then these absolute gods by the name of Mumford and Sons come on and it's like going to see Ronan Keating, only Cat Stevens shows up! Mumford and Sons are an English folk/rock/pop group that are just really talented that you're left drooling by the side of the stage and you won't even realize until you have to mop up the mess you made and/or the set is over and you make a sound that's something between Jabba and Yoda.
They were both brilliant live acts and since they tour together, I'm going to
bend the rules a bit and make this a duel post.

New Romantic
My Manic and I

White Blank Page
Roll Away Your Stone
Little Lion Man
The Cave

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