Monday, December 15, 2008

day 4, its been a while

hello! :) how have you all been? hope you are discovering new music everyday

today's applause goes to Brandi Carlile, a young one with an amazing voice. so emotional in her singing, so beautiful. her music is like an experience, the lyrics, the music, the instruments...beautiful..

one of the songs that i am introducing is "Tragedy": lyrics are here

the cello is used so perfectly, almost bringing you down to tears in how the music and the lyrics just fit together. the tragedy is beautifully sung and the emotions just rise and fall like an ocean. 

another perfect song is "The Story" a beautiful blend of romance and music, just makes you want to tap your legs to the rhythm of the song. her voice makes you believe that "i was made for you"

these are amazing songs, hope you enjoy them as much as i did/do :)

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-Princess S/Krissy/Kris/Kristofer

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Wickedcookie said...

i liked alot! :) like her voice. She looks a bit like that chick from tat movie. Er, i shall dig for info and then return triumphant with an answer. And a name.