Sunday, November 30, 2008

Flower Post 3

Hey, ya'll!

Yes, this post has been long overdue and I apologize. Many things happening (including laziness!).

So, this time I'm going to introduce a fairly new artist who has totally taken the world by storm with her 50's jazzy tunes and brilliant lyricism -- Duffy.

Aimee Ann Duffy
was born on June 23rd (Cancerian, like me!) and is a Welsh singer/songwriter. In 2008, she debuted with her ridiculously famous debut single, Mercy. This song took the world by storm because of the upbeat melody, 50's style tune and theme and the soulful lyrics.

The second song released was Warwick Avenue, a song filled with pain and emotion.

Now, the reasons I am introducing Duffy on Treble Notes are the following three songs.

1) Stepping Stone, a song of mild rebellion about breaking free. The tune makes you sing along and immediately captivates you. The lyrics makes sense to anyone whose been through love at least once. =)

2) This song is called Syrup & Honey and is as sweet as the title suggests. It is the slowest of the lot and has a deep yet easy tune. The song is perfect for a Sunday morning or for one of those moments when all you want is time alone with a coffee and your thoughts.

3) The last of the lot ( and my personal favorite) is called Distant Dreamer. Someone told me that this song describes me perfectly and could not have agreed more. The song leaves you swaying and thinking. The thoughts are perfectly put across through almost surreal lyrics.
I foresee this song to be a brilliant hit!

And I officially come to the end of this post. I sincerely hope you enjoy these songs and the artist. It might take a little getting used to in regards to Duffy's voice but it's absolutely worth it!

Keep a look-out for Kristofer's post, which is up next. It's sure to hold something interesting as usual!

Till later,
Peace and much love,
- Tups.

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Wickedcookie said...

i luff the songs! i luff them!
Warwick avenue i'd already heard and i liked the a strange way you just can't stop watching the girl cry and sing at the same time!