Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chuck the third

Well, chuck is in love with "Love love love". I heard this song ages ago during one of my frantic jaunts for good music and i loved this one song so much! I've been saving it for a special day on treble notes and here it is! :)
At first I'd have said that Tristan Prettyman is pretty much the female version of Jack Johnson. But then i think that's degrading her own potential and talent so i'll just say that;
she has an awesome voice-sultry and raspy in the right places,
the girl can play guitar-effortlessly (that's how i like it!),
and her lyrics are worth a read.

The first song i heard that had tristan in it was "Beautiful". Its a collab with another funky indie artist called G.Love (another post!). Now this song is just perfect! Its one of those songs that you love every part of! Nothin untoward, nothing that doesn't fit. And the lyrics are just so quirky but mushy...teehee! I love the video as well! Five stars! And a thumbs-up for good measure!

And since this post is about Tristan prettyman ima put up my favourite song of hers:
Love Love Love. Its difficult to describe why i like her music. There's just some music that gives you this feeling, you know. Like you're heart is swelling up with something (emotion? arteries? FAT?), i dunno. Its nice. Give it a listen. I've got two links, an acoustic version and the official video. Contrary to my usual choice, i like the studio version better.

Love Love Love