Friday, August 29, 2008


Its only week 3 and I'm wondering how i'm gonna maintain this roman numeral lettering system i've chosen....
Anyway...I'm in a particularly erm....well....lets say soft mood and so the next song on the blog is a version of
I Wanna Hold Your Hand from the movie Across the Universe

Kristofer deserves ALL credit for this one...but in all fairness if Pari and Su and me had finally watched this movie (as we had planned) I would have put it up anyway. The song is slow, beautiful and not at all like the Beatles' version though i dunno if the Beatles did this song any differently later on. The girl's voice is very steady...nothing to write home about but beautiful nonetheless.
Temme if you want the song and I'll e-mail it to you because youtube has stopped working on my computer and so i can't provide the link. It sucks. I am gonna die of youtube deprivation.


Princess S/Kishmish said...

thanku shar bear! i shall keep sending you songs :)

btw here s the link for
for the girl's version:
and the original beatles version:

MM said...

Send me the song munch!!
Wait, Im on the phone with you. I could just TELL you couldnt I?
Oh, I just saw the link here in the princess's comment.
This comment has been a complete waste of time.