Saturday, August 23, 2008

Week I

What I'm listening to right now is keeping me pretty occupied, obsession-wise. I'm ever faithful to the McFly boys but a few songs here and there can't possibly be construed as cheating!

Los Lonely Boys

Number one pick from this beautiful band will have to be Heaven. The intro is delicious as in it actually makes me drool.

I discovered the magic of Los Lonely Boys while browing through Youtube. Beautiful beautiful skills with the guitar. Their music isn't like the usual spanishy style which relies completely on acoustic guitar but they have a dash of bassy sound that just makes their music that much better! Their arrangements are pretty perfect, nothing untoward or out of sync.
And the solos they come up with are just heaven and hell to listen to. Heaven because of obvious reasons and hell because you know you'll never be able to play as good as that (not that I'm hoping or anything, it just reminds me thats all) They remind me of the Eagles.


This song is just beautiful! Its not complex, no deep lyrics but its perfect to listen to when in the right mood. The chorus is haunting and i just had to continue listening to it over and over. I have a mini-movie that plays out in my head every time I listen to this song. Not happy but very apt nevertheless. Liten to it and tell me yours why don't you?


Timu said...

Way to go Shar !
Definitely something we can all do with. Try bluepill by gms and raja ram. trance-tantric shit .. you might actually like it !

Timu said...

lol see this

Princess S/Kishmish said...

shar bear, send me this fire song, pleash :) ((and remove this word verification thingy :-X))

Sharanya said...

Its off! As far as i know! hehe...will look into it..
Thanks! I'll check out the song and the link!

Muddled Mind said...

I got it!! I got it!! FIRE!! And I'm not saying this to please u....I LOVES!!! :D thanks Shar

Sharanya said...

yay! :)