Monday, August 25, 2008

Week II

I thought I'd update every week or so but i couldn't resist.

Seems there's a lot of good music floating around and i came upon a treasure trove last week. Two soul men i'm loving right now. I have blogged about them on my other blog but i have got to have them here as well!

Song 1 that graces this post is an old favourite from an all-time favourite of mine.

Marc Broussard's: Come in from the cold

Yummy yummy vocals. His voice isn't perfect and thats perfect! You can catch the gravelly tone of his voice on the high notes. Very very cool! 'Home' is another song of his that is beautiful. Very soul....its a testament to his incredible range.

Song 2 is an awesome awesome number i recently discovered.

Shawn Mullin's: Lullaby

He half sings, half talks through this number and its just beautiful! Another song of his worthy of a listen is 'Beautiful Wreck'.

I am lazy and can't think of another wittier title so the same title remains even though it massacres any hopes of its use as a time frame.


Prashant Sree said...

Seems that you are passionate about music.,. Thats good. Thanks for sharing the links.,. Probably it might help to indicate what kind of music it is, so the reader has an idea if the music is rock,pop,peppy etc.

Iam not sure if you know Yanni,in case you havent, check him out. His music is simply Amazing and connecting !!

Sharanya said...

I kinda find it hard to categorize music as it is...but i'll try my won't be the staid generic categorization assigned to the band already but probably what type of music I think it is...
Yup Yanni I've heard of... haven't heard him in ages though! Will give him a listen..

Parnika said...

Song 1: kicks your ass!
Song 2: Woohoo! ;)